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New News and “Old Wisdom”

I am writing this blog from 9200 feet elevation in the high ‘meadow’ country of northern Colorado. In fact, the wood cabin (minus electricity or running water) is only 1 mile from the Wyoming border. This is where my husband and I, along with various individual friends and family members, have spent the past 33 years of our annual vacation.

Lest you think my extended absence from this blog has all been spent at this location, let me assure you that we inhabit the cabin only 10 days each summer. Hubby might return each year for an additional 5 days, but no, I have neglected my blog. NOT my work. In fact, please check out my twice-weekly newspaper Child Welfare in the 21st Century. See the link at the top of the “About Us” page. If you like it —- and it has good coverage of current articles pertaining to child welfare, politics, adoption, Medicaid, etc —-sign up for automatic delivery to your in-box.

Back to the “old” (“new”?) wisdom of Colorado high country and in specific, fishing: For these 10 days, I have spent 3-5 hours/day fishing streams, meadows, and beaver ponds. I’ll brag that I am both the most time-devoted member of any visitors/family dropping in for a night or two. I am also the most prolific catcher-of-big-fish. (Some of you may wonder if the ratio of time vs. product averages my ‘skill’. NOT so. I am a “fish whisperer”.)

However, as I started my week, I had three words present themselves to me: planning, patience, and grateful. Continually, I reminded, counseled, and comforted myself with cast after cast to focus on where I wanted to throw and how to land that lure, to be patient that fish were there somewhere, AND to be grateful and acknowledge each element in the actual capture of some really impressive fish. (I admit, the small ones I released happily and simply enjoyed and giggled, never evolving to a status of grateful.)

Fishing this week was amazingly fruitful. Yes, maybe a late snow or various biologic reasons far beyond my information contributed to a record crowd of big trout. But I will not diminish my part in planning and patience.

This all takes me to everything else in life! And in particular to my professional commitment to child welfare (least among the ‘sexy’ issues facing Congress and state legislatures!). Yet I think the same formula applies to any career, whether teaching, medicine, law, sales, hospitality, and anything else I can think of.

Why? All endeavors require planning.

Then most of us, regardless of area or industry, must respect and accept the discipline of patience. Patience is something that never comes easily to me. “Kids can’t wait” is my internal mantra. YET, patience… with a heavy mix of persistence… has really produced results in my efforts both professionally and personally.

That brings me to the third word, which is grateful. I cannot discount the successes, whether in fishing or in politics, that I have enjoyed. These are not because of me alone. The successes are way beyond “me”. They are indeed the outcome of planning, patience, and who-knows-what. And GRATEFUL is the appropriate acknowledgement.

Warning: Don’t think two legs make a stool! Wise folk know it takes 3 legs. Gratefulness grounds that stool and allows for rest, reflection, and more planning!

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