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Motivated by fear

Yes, I’m ready to blog. Why? To get “out” some of the anxiety “In”. So here goes.

Remember the saying “Fake it until you make it”? This is my mantra for today and hopefully all days in the unimaginable next days and weeks. (Denial allows me to refuse to say “months”.)

So, beginning today I am going to be more-than-ever deliberately confident, patient, optimistic, creative, and disciplined. I am going to reach out to at least 3 people a day who are special to me, either from history or shared experiences or building new relationships or checking on their health and well-being or wanting to make sure they know I’m grateful for them and they matter in my life. (If you didn’t get today’s ‘touch’, just know you’re in the queue. I also will limit myself to 3 as I balance my skills at over-persistence!)

I might even learn to like and feel comfortable with Face Time! (Step #1: get dressed in am and fix your hair so that you aren’t embarrassed to pick up that phone when others decide they want to visit also!)

My biweekly newsletter is going to do my best to reflect positivity. I can continue the eternal fight for disadvantaged children and families in structured time periods. I won’t become detached or complacent, yet I must find balance (otherwise CNN will own my soul!).

Speaking of which, as soon as I do my taxes (I still have 3 weeks), I can indulge in Netflix and walking my dog! Procrastination was never a skill of mine; however, lately the tax deadline has challenged me there too…and I will stay with April 15th.

I am going to make a daily list of “highs”. For example, as I write it is only 8:30 am. I just received a call from an inmate pen pal. Prisons are allowing FREE calls to inmates for a couple of weeks! Those 4-minute visits mean as much to me as to him just making contact!

Feel free to borrow any of my ideas AND to send along your suggestions for self-care and focusing on joy and mutual support.

Oh, Thanks for reading!

Onward. We’ll make it,

PS. “Faking” works! I promise.

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