Forever Merry-go-round? 2.21.20

I have been pondering for too many days what I wanted to write/blog about. Today I decided I’d share my “dilemmas”.

Family/work dilemma:
Ever since my first child was born 45 years ago, I have struggled intermittently with the work/Mommy tug. Guess what friends? While the girls are all now adults, there is still the tug and desire to be sure I’m keeping my priorities in line and for them to know how much they are loved.

Work/work dilemma:
The needs of our children and families across the country (and world) never end. I’m supposed to be semi-retired now. But the needs and my passion obviously don’t accept that. I am learning, however, that there are other really great, important, and joyful things and people in the world! (I admire my younger colleagues who are including those play and smell-the-roses opportunities in their tugs between work-family-relaxation. Kudos!)

Life/love dilemma:
Nine months ago, I stepped into a whole new world of widowhood. That will catch your attention! Nothing is the same…yet many things are. Everything is new…yet home and fur
babies are so comforting. Sleep returns, but boy, those dreams! New people, new opportunities: exciting and scary. No experience to fall back on this time.

And so, I won’t blog about Child Welfare today. I think this admission sums me up for right now…and I am grateful for life.

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