Motivated by fear

Yes, I’m ready to blog. Why? To get “out” some of the anxiety “In”. So here goes. Remember the saying “Fake it until you make it”? This is my mantra for today and hopefully all days in the unimaginable next days and weeks. (Denial allows me to refuse to say “months”.) So, beginning today I […]

New News and “Old Wisdom”

I am writing this blog from 9200 feet elevation in the high ‘meadow’ country of northern Colorado. In fact, the wood cabin (minus electricity or running water) is only 1 mile from the Wyoming border. This is where my husband and I, along with various individual friends and family members, have spent the past 33 […]

Starting the New Year with Opportunity

There are already several disturbing stats/markers I will comment on in coming days; however, I do believe in HOPE and the future, so let’s kick off 2020 with some exciting (and individual) opportunities. You often hear me cry out for “more”: more action, more involvement, more resources…more. Today I want to tell you about two […]