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Typically our clients must navigate large systems of regulations and rules whether governmental or industry-related. With an experienced team of professionals who are personally as well as professionally committed to the contracts we accept, we identify opportunities and uncover potential obstacles in mapping a route to achieve of your goals.

Our consultants provide you and your organization with timely, cutting-edge support. We help relieve the pressure from imposing outside forces which would otherwise dramatically impact the work that motivated you to enter business originally. 

Dr. Boyd founded Policy and Performance Consultants, Inc. in 1994 to align the vision(s) of clients with reality whether in the public or private sector or in evidencing success in advocacy campaigns or public policy.

Policy and Performance Consultants, Inc. is composed of a network of consultants ready to help.

Laura W. Boyd, Ph.D.

Owner and CEO of Policy and Performance Consultants, Inc., Dr. Laura Boyd has spent her entire life at the cross-section of education, business, and society.  She has experience from student to professor, from consultant to small business owner, and from political national leadership mentor to elected office holder. Laura emphasizes that “Our work as individuals and as human beings will never be complete until no child goes to bed hungry, until all Americans have access to the basics of health care and quality education, until women are welcomed into and compensated equally to men in the workplace for their talents and abilities, and until our seniors are able to live out their days with the assurance of housing, good nutrition, and necessary medical care. If WE do not take on this responsibility for leadership, who will/ …..for our families, our parents, our daughters and sons, and for ourselves.”

Laura has sixteen years of teaching experience in positions ranging from lecturer to assistant professor, at both undergraduate and graduate levels.  She has a PhD in Psychology and an MS in Humanist Education/Counseling; these degrees are augmented by 24 years of private counseling experience.

Her political experience is particularly impressive.  She was the Gubernatorial Nominee – State of Oklahoma (1998), the Lt. Governor Nominee – (2002), and a Member of Oklahoma State House of Representatives (1992 – 1998). She served as National Co-Chair of Women’s Business Policy for Barack Obama in 2008. She is recognized by members of the DNC and the RNC as a vocal representative for women business executives. From September 2005 until May 2008, she led the Women Legislators’ Lobby (Washington, DC). WiLL is a national bi-partisan association of women state legislators, working together to influence federal budget priorities for achieving human needs in the lives of all citizens.

Dr. Boyd was inducted into the Oklahoma Women’s Hall of Fame in 2011. She has been acknowledged via the following national honors: an Eisenhower Exchange Fellow to Peru (1999); a Toll Fellow – Council on State Governments, Lexington, KY (1995); Flemming Fellow – Center for Policy Alternatives, Washington, DC (1994-1995); Joint Civilian Orientation Conference (JCOC 64), Washington, DC (2001); A Pacesetter – John C. Stennis Center for Public Service (1994 – 1998). She was honored in 2006, 2007, and 2008 as one of “Fifty Women Making a Difference for Oklahoma” by the Journal Record press of Oklahoma City. She is also listed as one of thirty-nine historical women figures in the 2007 Centennial publication “Historical Atlas of Oklahoma” as women leaders in Oklahoma history.

Both for-profit and not-for-profit clients in the handling of their government-relations agendas, business management protocols, quality assurance, and program development activities have retained policy and Performance Consultants, Inc. Among her many clients are the US Children’s Bureau’s Capacity Building Center for the States, the California Alliance for Child and Family Services, Utah Department of Children’s Services, Tennessee Department of Children’s Services, Nevada Youth Care Providers Association, Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, the national Family Focused Treatment Association, Missouri Coalition of Children’s Agencies, Virginia Association of Licensed Child Placing Agencies, the national Women Legislators’ Lobby, and the Family Focused Treatment Foundation.

Dr. Boyd is a nationally recognized leader on matters of child welfare and foster care, particularly in the areas of policy development and public-private system implementation of service delivery systems. She participated in drafting and passage of Family First Prevention Services Act, federal IV-B reauthorization, and numerous other pieces of legislation impacting the health and well-being of children and families.